White Series Kit 16 Unit


The FA111 is a bigger version of the FA114, the case is also waterproof and US made. Depending on its purpose, the FA111 has all the items necessary to help out a group of about 16 people. This makes it a very nice kit to take when going camping, or to keep at the neighborhood pool.


Available Colors: White
Dimensions: 9" x 6.5" x 3", 2 lbs.

M.S.R.P.: $19.75

Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
Skin and eye wash 1 Hand soap 1
Bandage gauze 4"x4.1 yds 2 Elastic bandage 6" 1
Sterile sponges 4"x4" 1 Knuckle bandages 3
Eye pad 1 Bandage strip 1"x3" 16
ABD pad 5"x9" 1 Ice pack 1
Tweezers 1 Scissors 1
First aid instructions 1 Safety pins 6
Pair latex gloves 1 Pain reliever/Aspirin 8
First aid cream 1 Triple antibiotic 1
Tape 1 Alcohol wipes 3
Iodine wipes 3 Antiseptic wipes 3
Clean wipes 3 Triangular bandage 1